Friday, December 02, 2011

Screamfeeder's 20th And Farewell

The main reason we did this big hop from Perth to Brisbane is for Screamfeeder's 20th anniversary and farewell gig. On a cool rainy night in the city, we made our way down to the Chinatown area with all its young punks and drunk humans, turned into a dark alleyway with all its trash cans, and went up the stairs to Woodland Bar for the gig.

In that 6 hours, we met many familiar faces there, renewed friendships and got to know acquaintances better. Thank goodness the bar doesn't sell bottles of whisky. So we got a couple of shots of Glenfiddich 12 y.o for starters. After that, iced water and bottles of very palatable Coopers Pale Ale ruled the night as we grooved to the beats of the opening bands (noisy pop Tape/Off and grungy Violent SOHO) and later on, Screamfeeder.

Coming on at 10.30pm, Screamfeeder opened with an old favorite 'Sushi Bowl' from their second album in 1993 'Burn Out Your Name'. Of course they played their classic 'Dart' from what I think is their best album 'Kitten Licks' in 1996. I love the song.

Halfway through, Tim Steward thrashed the guitar. WOOT. The last time the man saw Tim do this, it was in Singapore in 2002, a gig at the Youth Park. Hurhurhur. It was a classic smash. The whole thing fell apart. Broken neck, smashed headstock, bits and pieces fell off. We ummm...actually didn't pay attention to the song that was the backdrop to this. Always fun to see a guitar abused. If you must know, it was a Squire.

My second time this year (and ever) watching Screamfeeder live, and it would be their last gig. Drummer Dean Shwereb's moving over to London. Bassist and singer Kellie Lloyd has got her second solo album 'Magnetic North' in the works. Her first single from this album 'Your Heart Is A Hunter' has just been released on flexi-disc. 20 years together, 6 albums, 4 EPs and a couple of non-album singles. One of the most respected indie rock bands in Brisbane; it's got a very special place in the man's heart. We couldn't miss this gig.

Towards the second half, Darek Mudge came on and joined the band from 'Stopless', from the album 'Rocks on the Soul in 2000'. Ending the night was '1,2,3,4,5' from the 2003 album 'Take You Apart'. with Pavement's Scott Kannberg (aka 'Spiral Stairs') on guitar. Everyone got a little emotional there and then. It was an awesome evening, the end of a chapter. The end of an era even. Good old rock vibes. Timeless.

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