Friday, November 23, 2012

Twirling In Skirts

Last month, I promised Bubbles a ballet skirt of sorts. She remembered. Naturally, I made time to see her again before the next trip out. Otherwise, she's going to think that I'm ignoring her. While she doesn't understand years, months or weeks, she does know the fine line between last week and this week, and a 'long while' or a 'short while'. Most importantly, I never break promises made to a child.

Tutus are really impractical for a little girl who hasn't even begun play-ballet proper. She's just 3 years old! But lanky and chirpy with a ginormous vocabulary to pass for 5 years old. So while tutus won't do, the poofy ballet skirts meant for weekly lessons will work just as well. Went to Sonata, a familiar name that has supplied loads of stuff in my time. This Aunty Imp cannot be let loose in a shop to buy stuff for little girls. I rarely emerge with just one item. It was no different that afternoon. Instead of just one skirt, three skirts were bought. But after choosing two in pink, I couldn't take the girlie color anymore, and was thrilled to know that the third piece had an option of purple. Whewww.

Glad to have caught up with Corsage proper without Bubbles around initially. Hurhurhur. I do miss chatting with the girlfriend at length. Then we picked up Bubbles from school. She was so pleased with her skirts. She proceeded to demonstrate some outstretched hand waving in the likeness of an arabesque and a pas de chat. Then broke out in hip hop moves. Most of all, she wanted to twirl and twirl in her new skirts.

She wondered about shoes. Not surprising. However, she's in a growth spurt. Not a good idea to buy shoes when I'm not sure of her size. Told her that I would take her to the shop and have her fitted for a pair. But this girl brilliantly suggested, "Aunty Imp, you could put the shoes in the envelope, write the address, put a stamp on it, put it in the post box and mail it to me." I blinked. I didn't make up the words; she said them, exactly. I looked at Corsage accusingly. How much online shopping have you been doing?! The woman shrugged and indicated, not me! Fine! Anyway, the little girl has been persuaded to make another date to be taken to the store to buy a spanking new pair of soft pale pink leather ballet flats.


yAnn said...

Aunty imp is the best lah. :)
Bubbles was really bustin' a few moves there eh?

imp said...

yannisms: i try to bribe fav little girls. heh. she was really flitting across the room. the simple joy in a child's eyes. :)