Saturday, December 29, 2012

Baked With Love For Christmas

Homebaked goods for Christmas. The one way that Y was determined to brighten mornings for the man and I. Told her I would come over to pick up these items rather than have her take them to me. My time back in Singapore was so tight that it'd be easier for me to catch people than have them try to match my ridiculous schedule. That way, I got a chance to sample a few wooden treats from Lil'Missy's quaint cafe.

Today is fifth day of Christmas. Feast Day of St. Thomas Becket. More than anything, we usually honor St Thomas by praying for Catholics who're not free to live their faith. However, I also pray that people may be free to live and believe in the religion of their choice without the threat of bodily harm. Gory stuff. Sugar boost definitely needed.

Ate a large piece of fantabulous chocolate chip soft cookies. Y specially reduced the amount of sugar in these cookies for the man and I. The end result- we probably had a glimpse into cookie heaven. There was also a generous loaf of bread gifted- dates and walnuts. Made of such quality ingredients, Y specifically said the bread would be fresh and good for the next four days. We stole thin slices before putting the rest into the freezer. Not the best we know. But we wanted to prolong its expiry, and we're experts at freezing everything. So we did. :{ Y was most nervous about the bread because she swore it would be terrible. It was a little soft in the centre, but moist. That made it perfect for toasting in the oven. Once toasted golden brown, the slices of bread were crisp on the outside and no longer moist, but nicely soft in the centre. All good. Perfect, actually.

The kneading, washing, cleaning, baking. All the effort, and rushing within a tight timeframe because the electricity supply for the block was down for half day. The cleaning-up. It was a tremendous amount energy expended to create these delicious eats. I'm grateful, and humbled. Thank you for the joy of friendship this year, Y, A and R, and making Christmas special.


Yuling said...

Haha, your sharp eyes caught the no-electricity notice at the lobby!

I'll be most honoured to supply bakes for your happy mornings, if you allow me! Thank you for your special friendship, we love you! :)

imp said...

I had to read something while waiting for the lift! *shrug* Bake more? No! You give me these homebakes twice a year and it's too many already. Too much time taken out of your schedule. :D