Friday, February 15, 2013

About One Ang Pow

Wanted to comply with Y's (and her partner too) wishes of not giving an ang pow to Lil'Missy. That was before the grouchy sleepy girl dropped fat tears down her cheeks because I gave the mother a bouquet of birthday flowers, and none for her. Oops.

Well, I refused to tell Lil'Missy that she could share it with her mother. Not about to set precedents here, and no, mothers don't necessarily have to share everything with their daughters. So I offered a cookie when we got to homebodies. Nope, that wasn't acceptable. I guess little girls know the differences between presents, and peace offerings. Hmmm.

Y grimaced and pulled the sobbing little girl close and told her firmly to stop whining. We walked along the shophouses to homebodies. Lil'Missy was still sniffling. Then I completely spoilt the market- leaned over and told her that "Mommy gets flowers, you get an ang pow." Little girl's sniffling stopped soon-ish. We went ahead with food, cookies and coffee. I actually forgot about the ang pow till at the end of the day, I reached into the bag to pass Y her birthday card. If I gave the card to Y and nothing to the little girl, she might bawl again. Heh. To the little one's credit, she didn't even ask me about the promised ang pow once. You couldn't imagine how far Y's eyes rolled at these nonsense-going-ons.

Lil'Missy waved it around and declared the ang pow nice. Muahahahahha. Well. Anyways, I wanted to take a photo. She posed obligingly. Then I told her I wanted another photo that didn't have her face in it. She promptly put up the ang pow over her face. Haha! Perfect!

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