Tuesday, February 12, 2013

年初三 :: 金山漫水双蛇舞, 绿野春归百鸟鸣

This is Singapore. After the third day of the Lunar New Year, nobody particularly cares about it anymore, and everyone heaves a giant sigh of relief, glad that certain tedious obligations are over and done with, and some will almost happily bury headlong in work, especially for those closing up their financial year and doing budget planning. It's also right about now that restaurants and malls wake up their fricking idea and stop blaring horrible versions of festive songs.

The bff is back, and of course we would get up to mischief. But first, we'd obediently fulfill duties required of us (to a certain extent) during the festive season. Trust me, it gets easier to say no to many demands as we get older. And that look "I don't really care about what you think, you mean nothing to me", works wonders. Best followed by silence, then a slow turn away. The bff and I have perfected this three-step-thing till we can do it in sync. Anyway, we've scowled at humans since we were 6 years old; lots of practice there. Rarely do humans bother to argue with us.

During an opportune year that the bff's siblings are also back in town this festive season, we reunited at the dinner table to use giant chopsticks to do the lo hei thing. As far the reunion table goes, some things never change, even after two decades, and with a few knowing looks exchanged, the bff and I did many virtual facepalms.

One more week I'll have the bff around. Tons of fun. The partners came along too. The last time they visited was probably two years ago, and they're rather stunned by how fast the skyline downtown has changed. The locals-but-strangers are going to play tourists in the city wandering around new sights and flavors. They're quite lucky with the weather this season. It's been cool with these rains, (relative, considering we're right on top of the equator) but of course these people are screaming that it's hot! Hello, compared to the weather back at your cities of residence, of course. But I'm not trading this for your ridiculous temperatures in summer.


sinlady said...

I concur: it gets easier to say no with age. And it feels soooo good haha.

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