Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Jewel Hues

The darling girlfriend took me along as a date to a dinner. So I gave her a lot of 'face' by ditching jeans and the usual boring dresses for something tight, non-black and shiny. Dug out an old dress from the bottom of the wardrobe. Might as well put all the hours spent at parkour and pilates to good use.

Since I'm in Bangkok, the idea of wearing colors is welcome, and somehow, jade seems appropriate. Brought along accessories consisting of jade thingies, like a bracelet and the earrings. The girlfriend had a good chuckle over that. She knows that I rarely rarely rarely touch jade. I wanted no part in the photos, but got dragged out anyway to the balcony to pose for shots because she wanted the natural light instead of toilet fittings as a background. Whateverrr.

I was on best behavior for the night. Held my alcohol through eight glasses of dunno-what-very-fruity-probably-merlot and two glasses of dunno-what-quite-nice-champagne. Good as gold. The girlfriend promised me gold stars. Since Corsage mentioned it, I should also add that the girlfriend deserved gold stars too! For putting up with my nonsense on yet another ridiculously fun trip.


Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Hey gorgeous!
And did the girlfriend get gold stars too? ;)

imp said...

corsage: I should probably add on a line right now! she gets gold stars too! for bearing with my nonsense!