Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Chilli Plant For The Man

Got in late for the man's birthday. Had told him earlier that I couldn't make it back earlier as Taipei had a strong hold over me. Heeeee. Luckily his pals took him out for lunch, dinner, drinks and all. Whewww.

Met another bunch of awesome peeps for champagne, and at the end of the night, went home with a chilli plant. Yes, a rather young chilli plant that the girlfriend's parents had grown for him. Yes, the parents did it because they know that he loves to cook, and he likes to use herbs from the garden.

Such a cheerful green. Through the friends, the parents made them send us loads of whatsapp messages on 'Chilli Padi Plant 101'. So tickled! Very thrilled that the folks thought of us! The young plant is all of 8 weeks old. Much younger than the man is. Hurhurhur. Pretty soon, it'll yield fiery chilli padi.

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