Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bloc Party At Fort Gate

Four albums on, Bloc Party is like the British indie rock band at every UK music festival and clubs. It's also the band that accompanied me through the angsty years as a twenty-something. The friends raved about their gigs in Brisbane and Tokyo, so I was all fired up for their gig in hot hot humid Fort Canning (the smaller space up on the hill).

Kele Okereke, Russell Lisack, Gordon Moakes and Matt Tong. They didn't sound like they fit together like old times. The first half was kinda dismal. The balance was off, the bass was non existent. Kept restarting for a couple of songs, sometimes twice in one song because somebody couldn't keep time. More than halfway through, when they played 'The Prayer', then they began to sound like a band.

We were terrible. Sniggered as 'One More Chance' came on. Well. That was done nicely. Then lead singer said something about wanting the crowd to "be better" in terms of responsiveness or cheers, I guess. We were like...nodding. We snarked, "The feeling is mutual." They faltered and then picked up again for 'This Modern Love'. It was really unbecoming for a touring band to play like that. I wasn't even comparing them to MUTEMATH. After MUTEMATH's gig, every other band watched in 2013 is going to pale in comparison. I had expected more from Bloc Party. So no, I didn't like last night's gig one bit.

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