Friday, March 15, 2013

Cutting Her Off

Since it was supposed to be a belated birthday dinner for an older woman whom I'm losing a great deal of respect of with her every word and request made of me (she still owes me S$1000 that she refuses to place as priority to return, and probably will never. She always has some other bills to pay. Right. It's been oh, three months and counting, and no sign of even wanting to pay me back via installments), I acquiesced and thought E and I could buy her a meal. But instead, I had thought wrong, and her birthday would be right smack on the intended date of the meal. The last thing I wanted to do, would be to either celebrate her birthday or hang out with her.

During the phone call to said older woman, she invited half the world along, of which I've no wish to sit down to dinner with. I mean, seriously, E and I said we would take her out, and she said great, since it was her birthday, she would ask everyone else along. Dafuq. I don't know what kind of world she lives in, but it's certainly not mine. There're codes of etiquette and friendship, and money that we adhere by. She doesn't seem to do so. Then there's this whole issue of who's then, picking up the tab for dinner, which has by now, turned into a table of 10. Not my scene. The other guests are fine people, but they're not friends. I don't do socials for the sake of playing nice. Opted out of dinner. In the first place, if I've already lost most of the respect I have for this older woman, then I'm not going to go out of my way to sit through a stupid dinner where I'd also have to listen to useless preaching and converse with people whose thought frequencies I don't get.

So call me bitchy, but I'm not going to do these 'face' thingies. Waste of my time. There're better things to sort out than be dragged down in a mire of petty trivia issues. The last thing I want to do on a night where I've intentionally left empty in the social calendar, is to be dragged to have dinner with a bunch of humans I'm not interested in.


tuti said...

how come like that one?
scary lah. then who footing the bill now, lol.

imp said...

that's why lah.

Finding Mr Lazy said...

use to hit into same money issue with a friend but i understand it's difficult for him to pay back a lump sum, hence told him to return some (any amount he could afford) monthly

imp said...

Finding Mr Lazy: i wish mine would be willing to do so. Unfortunately she doesn't think it's worth her while to do it and rather pay me one lump sum, 12 months later. I give up. She's been telling me, i pay you next month. Come next month, she says she's tight and needs cash. SIGH.