Saturday, March 16, 2013

Mosaic :: MuteMath

This is the one show of Mosaic that I would not miss for anything in the world. MUTEMATH. The first time I saw them was in the US wayyyy back, in a dingy little bar. They already blew my mind then. Seeing them in this setting, in the grand Concert Hall, was totally surreal. This is one band that knows how to rock out, and has the most number of keyboards ever. That Hammond is beautiful, and well used to the point of almost being abused by Paul Meany like it's a pommel horse. Heh.

All those awesome songs old and new. They started with new song 'Odd Soul'. Then it was pure happiness all the way. 'Notice', 'Reset', 'Typical', and so many more. 2 spellbinding hours of melodious rock, talent and charm. I danced all night. Didn't care that I was in a stupid dainty white dress (had to wear it to work lah). Everyone else jumped, whooped and shrieked their hearts out.

Next to Dave Turncrantz and Dave Grohl, MUTEMATH's Darren King's probably my next favorite drummer. He's like a total fiend on the drums. Although we were a bit flabbergasted that he poured an entire bottle of water onto the drum set. Man...think of the wiping down and oiling the drum tech would have to do asap. MUTEMATH. LOVE. Outstanding musicians all. Darren King, Paul Meany, Todd Gummerman, Roy Mitchell-Cárdenas. They sizzled on stage. Total showmanship. Now this is what a live show is about. Tonight, they owned the usually staid (but beautiful) Esplanade Concert Hall.


tuti said...

post your dainty white dress lah. :P

imp said...

no way. i hate that dress with a passion.