Sunday, April 14, 2013

Getting Big-Girl Shoes

The point was to return Y all the empty boxes that were used to fill awesome homebaked granola for the man and I. However, Lil'Missy had other ideas. She's growing and has a room to call her own, all adult-like with a wardrobe and a bed, and soon, a writing desk.

She wanted to show me her new room and how her 'cafe' is incorporated within. She was all busy serving coffee, cakes and all. I wouldn't mind a living space like that, but in a bigger version. SOHO. Heh. Then Y brought out the real munchies that were perfect for a cloudy hot afternoon.

Along the same lines of growing up, Lil'Missy needs new footwear too. Proper soles and support for growing girls who are scooting and running around every day at the parks and gardens. Told you Lil'Missy has come to associate me with shoes. Yah...I spoil her in this way. I undertake shoe-god-mother duties rather seriously. Y is amused, but adamant not to have me spoil the young girl, and routinely keeps me in check about the number of shoes required. She's absolutely right. Lil'Missy wears out shoes faster than you can say three months. So I can always buy more. Muahahahah.

I think the man has a soft spot for Lil'Missy too. The sweetie probably stole his heart at Christmas when she presented a special drawing for him, one that he didn't have to share with me. Hahahahha. He was quite happy driving around hunting for shoes for the little girl. "Why do you seem to prefer shoes with straps?" He asked in all seriousness. I tried my best not to roll eyes, but replied in earnest, "So that the shoes will stay on when she goes scooting, running and jumping." He nodded solemnly, and proceeded to stare at colorful shelves to pick out certain models he thought were appropriate. And this is the same man who exhibits no interest in the (adult) shoes I buy.


Yuling said...

Thanks dear, you and the man. Oh my, I can't believe he actually scoured for shoes with you! :p

imp said...

Y: I can't believe it either! Hah.