Saturday, April 20, 2013


Completely missed the mailer till the friends alerted me to 'Octopus'. They were flying in to watch it. I was like, who!? The text reply was one word, "Philippe Decouflé", and I scrambled to get my tickets. I remember the almost surrealistic 'Panorama' (set to old-school dance tracks) fondly from last winter in London, and would like to watch something else from Compagnie DCA.

When Compagnie DCA puts on a show, it puts on a great one.  After all, Philippe Decouflé worked with dancers at Crazy Horse, Paris. Sensual, lots of gorgeous legs atop 5-inch stilettos, muscles, toned bodies, bits of tasteful nudity and a total riot of senses with 'Octopus'. Cabaret, light show, and still all dance. Eight dancers, eight vignettes. (The number eight keeps appearing in the recent shows I watched! Is that like a magical figure for optimal number of performers on stage?) A total spectacular.

The choreography was so strong, and the music too. Loved the music! More impressed that they had musicians on stage too. French rock singer Labyala Nosfell, cellist Pierre Le Bourgeois, and drummer Orkhan Murat, composed the music to the dance, and played live. Awesomeness.

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