Thursday, April 25, 2013

'Rabbit Hole' :: Pangdemonium

David Lindsay-Abaire's script is so good. Was blown away by Daniel Sullivan's production starring Cynthia Nixon and John Slattery, and came out of the theatre impressed with Cynthia Nixon's Becca, whom I like a great deal more than that lousy Sex and the City's neurotic Miranda Hobbes. I definitely prefer her on stage than on screen.

So unfortunately, I've a rather high expectation for our Singapore production of 'Rabbit Hole' by Pangdemonium which stars Adrian Pang and Janice Koh in the roles of Becca and Howie. Seong Hui Xuan plays Izzy, with uncanny resemblance to Mary Catherine Garrison's whiny version. Those flippant crossing and uncrossing, and lifting of the legs. Perhaps it's universal, but that was strikingly memorable at the then Biltmore Theater (now renamed as the Samuel J. Friedman Theatre), and tonight at DBS Arts Center (SRT).

Adrian Pang dazzles, as usual. I've come to expect nothing less from him. It's great that each time we watch him on stage, we see the character he plays instead of Adrian Pang. He slips into the role so easily. Janice Koh is excellent, not just beacuse she's totally involved in her character, and cries on cue. It's because like Cynthia Nixon (not sure it's fair comparison), her acting shows so much restraint, and  you can feel that pain bottled up. I'm not even going to try to understand the pain of losing a foetus or a child. Can't imagine it, and I'm glad to never know.

Tracie Pang's interpretation of 'Rabbit Hole' is good. Thoroughly enjoyable. If you know the story, then you know how the play got its name. But it doesn't completely end on a bad note. Grim, yes. It ends as best as it can, better than many realities, as optimistic as any grieving humanwould make of the situation. Saw many tearing in the audience. I didn't. The story didn't exactly pull at my heartstrings. I only appreciated it for the direction, the acting and the script. It must be emotionally draining for the actors to be also crying on stage for 18 nights.

Go watch!

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