Tuesday, April 02, 2013

The Naked Cello Sounds Beautifully Melancholic

Do you remember we hunted down a Naked Cello some time back? The cello is finally back from restoration. Looked great when she sent us pics over the phone. The restorer had some fun doing it. Sorta matte with a thin layer of varnish to protect it, the wood grain is left natural, and untouched. Naked still.

With much excitement and trepidation, E tried it out at home, and in class. Her teacher said while it wasn't an expensive make, it was a decent instrument. Importantly, it fits E at this stage of learning, and she likes the tone. A rich, mellow sound hinting at a mournful past.

On a rainy afternoon, we trooped over to E's to check out the cello. Love the feel of it, and happy to share the joy. Obviously I don't play the cello, and never will, so I stuck to the piano to accompany the girls with random chord progressions. Y plays and couldn't wait to try it out. The thrill! She drew the notes longer on E's cello and was intrigued. Y's own cello sounds starkly different. Brighter. Slightly thinner, if you will. It'll sound great when played in harmony with E's. Hurrah. Found myself a trio for a mini Christmas concert. No violin never mind. I'll persuade them to play something fun for the old folks.

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