Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Uni :: ウニ

There's the usual sushi and sashimi for dinner. No cooked food necessary. Tonight, I wasn't even bothered with soup. Just fish and really good vinegared rice would do. Besides that, I had an odd craving for uni. I was in luck. There was plenty of stock- in boxes or shells.

Creamy, briny, custard-y and sweet. I'll skip the wasabi. Not a fan of wasabi at all, no matter what versions it may come in. At the rate our oceans are going, I think I don't have much chance to eat them in a couple of years. Already, I see favorite species of fish appearing less and less on the menus.

I prefer uni done in the Japanese restaurants. Somehow, they don't just know how to pick the freshest, they know exactly how to splice the shell without having annoying itty bits end up all over the beautiful gold flesh. Haven't found other kitchens who seem to know what they're doing with when they serve sea urchins whole at the table.

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