Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Lunch At Goto

[This has been re-named G-One as of December 2014. No more kaiseki.]

Was taken out to lunch at Goto. I've never eaten there at lunch, so I was quite excited to see what the five-course kaiseki lunch menu offered. Prices are still holding, and it's a great comfort to know that the restaurant is surviving the fickle scene.

You know what they say about the beauty of kaiseki and tea ceremonies. 一方、この儀礼的な料理に対して茶道から生まれた趣味的な料理が懐石料理であった。The meal of kaiseki is part of the chanoyu ceremony as established by 16th century tea master Sen Rikyū, which also invoves various ceremonies of admiring paintings and calligraphy scrolls, and of charcoal and incense (shozumi). Goto is the closest venue to experiencing that in comparison to many other Japanese restaurants in Singapore.

Chef Goto Hisao didn't disappoint. As usual, meticulous presentation, and even at lunch, it was a good quality of food presented. More or less what I expected. My last minute request of having no meat in the meal resulted in the 'main' of the chicken being replaced by the in-season nasu. Nom nom nom. A thoroughly enjoyable meal with great company.

Rather interested in the matcha that was listed on the menu. $18. That indicated a certain quality to be expected. Upon clarification, I learnt that it was a koicha. That would be a thick one usually taken after the meal. Alas, I had no time to try it. And I usually don't drink tea in the evening. I'd have to return to lunch soon, and have the koicha.

Goto Japanese Restaurant
14 Ann Siang Road
#01-01 Singapore 069694
T: +65 6438 1553 (Reservations are a must)


L Lee said...

Yes, lovely lunch! A bit surreal for me. :)

imp said...

L: good eats!