Sunday, June 30, 2013

Pink Dot SG 2013

The one party that I docilely adhere to the dress code, or rather, color code. As unwelcome as having pink on me is, I'll get out and find something to match the event. Thrilled to have found a giant canvas pink tote. That's the weekend's accessory.

Expected the humidity, but it still hit us like a rainshower. Was completely drenched in perspiration within minutes at Hong Lim Park. But the cheerful hues of pink juxtaposed against the green of the park and the blue of the skies, steel and concrete made for a genial disposition.

Is it deserving of a mention in terms of community progress? Yes. By that, I don't just mean the LGBT community. I'm referring to the community at-large. Moving towards acceptance. Is it a political statement? Perhaps. There isn't space for discrimination here. If you could have been there, you should heard the conversations. Laughter and topics that filled up a usual party in any other venue. The event wasn't (totally) about politics. It's about coming together and finding a space in society to call our own, and have friends stand together in love and support. That's the point of this party.

It was a great one, fosure and more.


kikare said...

May I ask what's in the tote? Looks like you're on the run with all your valuables.

imp said...

Heh! Camera mainly, a giant phone, wallet, assorted wet wipes and tissues.