Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Man Said...

Randomly texted the man to ask how the hotel was. It would be the venue for his accommodation, as well as full-day cabin-fever-inducing meetings. Wasn't expecting an answer because I know he's staying in a fancy-schmancy hotel and shouldn't have much to complain about. He's usually not wowed by posh-ie anyway. But when he did answer, the replies threw me into fits of giggles.

He loved everything about the city and the hotel. He proceeded to describe the scenery at breakfast and when he stared out of the huge windows of the meeting room,

There are guys with electric insect-killing tennis rackets walking around whose sole Purpose is to zap Mosquitoes.

Every now and then you'll hear a BXZXT...there goes another mozzie. Wonder how their KPIs are measured. Number of killed mozzies vs flies vs gnats etc.

This place is like the Raffles Hotel on cocaine.

Now, this is a man who is excellent with both written and spoken words, and is definitely witty over email and the phone. If there isn't a point to reply a text, he won't. (Neither do I.) If he does, one can be assured the reply comes across as either something vaguely intelligent, bitchy or downright rude. As for the comments above, he was seriously not trying to be funny. He was actually thinking of the entire process/system rather methodically.

I LOLed. Told him it would be a great trip to India. He didn't believe me, except for the portion about awesome dosai and fiery sambar. He is now knocked off his socks by the exemplary service of the staff, quality of the food at the not-run-of-the-mill breakfast buffet, the sheer attention to details, and that general alive vibe of the cities. He's having a lot of fun. Hahahaha.


sinlady said...

Sometimes zapped stunned fly bxzxt bxzxt into the awesome dosai and fiery sambar. The ever attentive wait person will immediately pick up the downed fly with the most elegant display of finger and wrist work. True story!

imp said...


M. said...

LOLed too! :)

imp said...

M: Heh.