Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Baybeats 2013

Absolutely jealous of the friends who are at Glastonbury partying to great bands. But over in Singapore, the skies held fair and we had an awesome weekend of music at Baybeats 2013.

Not that insane as to turn for all six hours each day. But I managed to see the bands I had marked out on the list. Blown away by 'These Brittle Bones'. Chris Jones is so young, and incredibly talented. Yet his lyrics show so much maturity beyond his age. Happy to have discovered 'Tall Mountains' and heard their set. Sydney Yeo's brand of folk-pop strung together some good melodies and layered harmonies. Enjoyed the classic rock riffs from 'Nothing To Declare'. Happy to see 'A Vacant Affair' rock the Powerhouse. It's been too long, guys. It was total pleasure. So many bands, too little time.

The indie scene is flourishing. It's alive. Does it really matter if we can't make music as a lucrative career? Isn't it important that we're making music at all? There's much to be said about Esplanade's great organization of the annual event. It's a tremendous load of manpower, logistical challenges and effort to see this through one weekend of so many bands local and regional. To another year, Baybeats. Can't wait. Love love love this Singapore indie music festival.

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