Saturday, July 06, 2013

Bikinis Only Look Good And Can't Do Much

The girlfriend didn't even want to get into the pool and wet her newly permed curls. WELL. Found her a stick to twirl it up. It was like...her first time doing it in a bun like that. So I amused myself by helping her take photos of the back of her head, for her to see how the bun looked like.

Bikinis are useless at the pool, unless you just want to hang around in them. Can't be used to swim fosure. Dips, yeah. Great to lounge about at the spa too. If I want a real swim, a high-neck Arena swimsuit or a surf tee would be the only way I could ever hope to plough through the water with full speed and modesty intact. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring a swimsuit. And by day, hotel pools really aren't conducive to swimming laps. Bleah.

For a workout, I slithered away to the gym to use its inflated balls and mats.

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