Thursday, July 04, 2013

Fell In Love With Saint Pierre All Over Again

I've always enjoyed dining at Saint Pierre at its old location. Couldn't wait to dine at the new Saint Pierre at Quayside Isle. Those beautiful Maruni chairs. :) Nothing better than to rustle up an impromptu dinner with A and Corsage, and darling Bun and Bubbles one evening at Saint Pierre. It was a gorgeous couple of hours that also accommodated a mellow bottle of red wine.

Service was excellent, as usual. We were grateful for all the help rendered, especially with the lifting of the stroller up the stairs! The restaurant is located on the upper level, fully air-conditioned. But yes, they have an elevator. This visit, they totally won our hearts again with warmth, professionalism, and utmost consideration shown to Bun and Bubbles on a weekday when it isn't exactly a venue known for kids to dine at. It's sorta fine-dining after all, except that they've done away with the linen tablecloth. Apparently there's a Saturday brunch thingy for both adults and kids as well. But I didn't pay attention to the details. Check with Saint Pierre if you want to know more.

Chef Emmanuel Stroobant gained himself a new fan in Bubbles when he graciously asked about her food preferences, and acceded to her request of fish, spinach, and especially "French fries". Hehhh. Saint Pierre doesn't exactly do fries. :P  Bubbles also liked the butter and bread, and requested quite a bit of it. Lovely Edina Hong found paper and a marker for Bubbles. She drew a picture for Chef Stroobant by way of thanks, scrambled up to the high chairs and piped up a giant thank you for her food. He promptly stuck the drawing up on the steel kitchen cabinets; there it stayed for the evening. Bubbles was absolutely chuffed.

Bubbles' special order came plated in the cutest way by Chef Stroobant.


D said...

the dish was so cute! i've to keep this restaurant in mind when i next visit the country again. :D

sinlady said...

Love what they did with the child's plate :) Eating out is never just about the food is it? It is the whole experience. Good job, stroobant!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Thank you babe for that evening! It was a loveliest dinner, and Bubbles wasn't the only one pampered! We now are a family of Chef Emmanuel fans :) Really loved the wine too, although on hindsight, sipping wine and bf-ing Bun at the same time would probably have raised eyebrows if I was someplace else =P

imp said...

D: yes!

sinaldy: always.

corsage: anytime, anytime, anytime. we did watch your sips. hehehehehe. we love you.

Unknown said...

Too cute, that dish! It's touches like that that make the whole dining experience so enjoyable.

And corsage, up to a glass a day is fine and even recommended by some! I went by that rule too kekeke

imp said...

L: totally!

h o b o m o b o said...

Impressed by Chef Emmanuel not because of his looks but because of his care to a lil kid! He's got heart. :) Gonna try Saint Pierre one day.

imp said...

hobomobo: heh!