Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Summer at the Lakes

I could get used to this.

Unbelievably fresh air and magnificent views.

Weather's been awesome, averaging 18°C in the day and 13°C when the sun goes down. Such a thrill not needing to turn on the air-conditioning in the car or in the room. Although, with the fabric blinds down in the nights, the B&Bs must have thought us nuts to still request for a fan in the room. Well, like I said, they're really on a different plane when it comes to ventilation of a space.

Marked out the cemeteries on the routes and made sure I got to spend some time at three. I really love reading the quotes and inscriptions on the tombstones. Springing up at 5am to pop out for an easy walk to wake up the stomach for breakfast, then head out for a real at-least-4-hour trek before gorging on a delicious dinner and hitting the sack all before 11pm. Make hay while the sun shines. No problems falling asleep in seconds after lights out. We were that tired, physically. But mentally, we were all ready to climb climb climb!

Re-visiting the Lakes as a full-grown feels so different. We drove from town to town, village to village, admiring the similar yet different landforms that mark the areas. But within it, why drive if we could walk? These walking trails are really guides. If the fields are marked for public access, then feel free to respectfully walk through it. The cows and the sheep don't care. The bulls might, but we've come across only young bulls who seem rather friendly. Heh. There's plenty of time to stop and smell the flowers, literally. Not too bothered about flowers. I like grass patches, bumblebees and trees more than the flowers. That summer buzz in the air (not a pun), is just so palpable.


Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

How lovely :) Glad you are there to take in all that.

D said...

sounds wonderful! i like reading inscriptions on tombstones too, but only for those that are very old, like those before the 20th century rather than more recent ones. those feel less spooky than more recent ones. ;p

imp said...

corsage: loving it!

D: i like any tombstones! the creepier the cemetery, the better! having said that, i usually don't visit cemeteries in the evenings or even late afternoons. heheee.