Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Coffee

There're so many new coffeeshops in town that an app is required to navigate through them. I don't want to lug another guidebook around in the bag. This is when I use the dormant iPhone- for the apps because my Windows phone is crap for apps. Plenty out there on iTunes. Paid apps, but the good ones are so worth it. This visit, I'm using 'The London Coffee Guide'.

I certainly wasn't going to visit all, not even going to try. Simply going to check an app to see which is the nearest coffeeshop depending on my whereabouts a particular time of the day. As it is, it seems to be coffee in the morning, tea in the afternoon and beer or whisky at night, leaving Sundays free of caffeine and alcohol. Never mind whatever studies scientists put out about alcohol, tea or coffee. Everything, in moderation, I believe.

Don't care if a coffeeshop doesn't serve food. I'll find another eatery that does. Often, it works if the bff and I just grab one cup of coffee take-out, and we share, just so we split the caffeine and get to try another cup of coffee elsewhere. Current favorite coffeeshop in Londontown is Workshop Coffee Co. that does a really mean piccolo latte in the robust brew I love, and it isn't too shabby in brewing its teas currently sourced from Waterloo Tea either.

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