Friday, September 27, 2013


Be warned, parking along Mayo and Dunlop Streets, and Dickson Road is like playing bingo. There would be a higher guarantee of available lots across the street at Sim Lim Tower. But it's worth the drive to Mayo Street for Morsels. Most evenings, we eat late, at 9ish, so we usually do get a lot along the streets.

We like the easy decor and vibes at Morsels. It has been open for almost nine months now, and the pace has settled into an efficient buzz from point of order to delivery of food. The eatery is the baby of Chefs Bryan Chia and Petrina Loh. The kitchen keeps rather conservative but effective flavors in their new menu. They pay a lot of attention to their ingredients, and the menu is literally a labor of love. If you sit by the counter, it's a pleasure to watch them work, and see their efforts arrive beautifully at your table. Not an extensive menu, but sufficient to meet the dietary requirements of most people. Excellent stuff. Did a little jig when 'Oxford Comma' came on over the speakers as we left.

Loved their steamed clams in dried Chinese figs, sake and kimchi. The combination works. Easy and tasty. Super loved their grilled octopus on squid ink risotto, garnished with salted egg yolk sauce. Only thing- the risotto was a tad too mushy. They might have used Arborio instead of Carnaroli. Dunno, didn't ask. Like what their name suggests, the dishes come in small plates, but good for two to share. The man liked the tiramisu with milo powder. I didn't care about the desserts at all. Just gimme all the savory stuff! Morsels offer familiar flavors, the kinds which the man always infuse into his cooking. Morsels' food is dependably interesting, real and totally comforting.


Anonymous said...

really awesome no-nonsense writing. Lovee your style!

imp said...

Thanks! More of personal thoughts than a real review. :)