Tuesday, September 17, 2013

No More Tsui Wah Please

Eating at different outlets of Tsui Wah five times in three days is quite enough. Phobia liao. I can regurgitate half the items on that rather plentiful menu. Honestly, I don't want to step into another outlet again, not on this trip, and not the next either. The outlets in the other cities hold different menus and food, so that's okay. I remember Shanghai's Tsui Wah is a full restaurant that's pretty decent.

Tsui Wah in Hong Kong, is probably like a really atas cha chaan teng (kopitiam sorta, 茶餐廳) with a huge selection of food. It's also unfortunately, a chain that has so many outlets that it's one of the most convenient places to fill the stomach, especially at 1.30am when we want a quick bite, a/c and a clean venue. The dai pai dong (大牌檔) and whatever exciting eateries are just too out of the way from where we're staying in Sheung Wan when we're exhausted at midnight and don't want to fall asleep at the supper table. And I honestly prefer not to deal with pork, lard or chicken in the choices of food whenever possible.

While the table also went to town with pork cutlet buns (豬扒包), I rather just have the toasted bun alone. The other popular item is that condensed milk toast. *shudder* I don't understand it! It's like...ridiculously sweet. The dark soy sauce chicken wings are good. But I like the sauce way better than the meat. Heeeee. As it is in most eateries, I usually settle for fishball noodles, and Tsui Wah does theirs quite well. One night, I was really hungry and finally gave in to ordering a vegetarian pasta that was very oddly similar to Chinese noodles in terms of flavor and cooking style, especially that weird tomato sauce.   

The other night, I was quite happy that the nearest outlet of Tsui Wah was closed earlier than expected. Maintenance, apparently. I was all ready to chomp on a fish burger from McDs. But the friends went to the outlet on Wellington Street at Lan Kwai Fong instead. :( Ordered a plate of stir-fry vegetables with oyster sauce separate, and ate only that. You should have heard how loud I shrieked in consternation when I spied a Tsui Wah in Kwun Tong as we were heading towards Hidden Agenda. Was so not expecting to find an outlet there lor.

Oh well, there isn't much time to think about food. Eating to live now. And two itty meals a day for me enough. I've discovered the Hong Kong style egg sandwiches in white bread that are either hard-boiled or as omelette. No brown bread. But okay, those will do nicely. 

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