Wednesday, September 18, 2013

This Speaker

We need music on-the-go, and especially in hotel rooms. A portable speaker is never far from hand on trips. For some reason, we haven't paid too much attention to portable speakers and stuck to the rather dependable X-mini Capsule. I've used that for years, swopping out old models for new ones when they come out.

However on this trip, we went crazy over this gadget- the Lifetrons DrumBass bluetooth speaker. A single speaker. Sleek and superbly portable. At the hotel room party, the friend brought it over and it duly impressed us with its sound capabilities. Importantly, it didn't distort the music. Pretty cool! And that's not the whisky talking. We all heard how good it was. The next few rooms probably heard too. The last we glanced at the time, it was 1.30am. Quite surprised that nobody called up to complain about the ruckus.

The friend got it as a present. He told us that SQ sells a couple of products from this brand inflight. If we can't buy the speaker on the way home, we'll procure it online. Not like we get discounts anyway.

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