Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Getting A Feel For Clay

Aside from daily tea lessons, I also made time to attend a couple of classes on pottery and ceramics too. Mainly to understand the properties and feel of the different clay out there.

No way I could ever hand-pinch a cup, bowl or shape a proper vase on a pottery wheel. Those pristine shapes just don't completely appeal to me. I like irregular-shapes and raw textures. Can't seem to get the clay to mould the way I want. That simply means I've got neither talent nor aptitude for this art. It's not a hobby I'll consistently pursue. It'll be a craft that I want to understand to a slightly beyond-amateur level, to the extent that's sufficient for me to comprehend the interaction of clay, water and ultimately tea. Heh.

The girlfriend, however, liked making bowls and cups. She attended one short session with me and rather enjoyed it. She got down to work very quickly whereas I simply flitted around, in a hurry to just finish...something. I went for making flat plates and trays, etc. Those, I feel for. It's then a matter of finding the tools to make pretty patterns on them.

Now the problem is, whatever I've made, would only be fired and ready for use in uh three to four weeks. By now, I've worked out the November schedule, and it's certain that I wouldn't be popping back to Hong Kong for Clockenflap. Need to see which friends love us enough to help us collect the glazed wares and send it over to Singapore. Or ask the studio to keep them till January or something.

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