Sunday, October 13, 2013

To Joshua & Chelsea

Since the timing matched, the man also wanted to attend his mate Joshua's wedding to Chelsea. Ookies. Vivacious and lovely couple. We know their magical love story, and it's been great hanging out with the whole gang and all. Joshua thoroughly spoils us whenever we're in Hong Kong. While I usually shy away from weddings, I went with the man to this one because it would be such a party.

Beautiful church ceremony at The Vine in the afternoon (this same venue would host this fantastic gig in two weeks- Explosions in the Sky. Heeeee. Are you coming?), and a lovely casual stylish do in the evening at The Grand Stage Western Market (西港城大舞臺) in Sheung Wan. Great music on the playlist. Loads of Stevie Wonder, JónsiGrizzly Bear, The Irrepressibles, et cetera. Of course there was fabulous live music too. So many talented musicians and vocalists at this #wongnak wedding! 

The conversation at our table was so good. Nobody cared about the food till the emcees pointed at our table, and wondered why we ignored the queues at the buffet tables. We were busy talking till in the merriment, we didn't realize we were hungry! We knew one another already. Caught up with acquaintances and renewed friendships. Great gathering of friends. The table gifts were little tubes of salt either of flavored with lime and chilli or orange and ginger, of which Chelsea and her girlfriends had earlier painstakingly filled up one by one. Loved the reference to Matthew 5:13. Thoroughly enjoyed the party, although we didn't stay till the end. Old farts, needed to run back 'across the sea' to prep for another early day. Slipped away quietly when the festivities were rolling high.

Our warmest congratulations, Joshua and Chelsea. Such a privilege to have witnessed your joy and sacred union in love. Thank you for having us! May this day be the blessed start of an awesome chapter in your lives.

The gorgeous Gigi Marenette serenading the bridal couple.

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