Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tsui Wah, No Choice

While our friends in Hong Kong won't take us to any outlet of Tsui Wah Restaurant, we can't help stumbling across them. It has outlets like...everyfrigginwhere. Even when we're not looking out for it, it appears. We must be in the tourist belts. It's really not my favorite eatery. Yeah, the menu is huge, but there's nothing very much I like in terms of its food. It's pricey and the cookie-cutter vibes just don't cut it for me. I very much prefer sitting in an old 茶餐廳 (cha chaan teng), and get yelled at.

The man had this serious craving for Tsui Wah's Bolognese sauce slathered over steamed white rice. We were like, on a walk at Lamma Island and he randomly burst out with this announcement. He swore that Tsui Wah didn't just use normal minced beef- they used bits of brisket. Okay, whatever. I sighed. At some point, before the end of the trip, I would have to take him to eat at a Tsui Wah that isn't the one at the airport (Terminal 1). He's so going to eat there before flying out.

Also, curry beef brisket. The man likes the versions in Hong Kong. And Tsui Wah has it on the menu done fairly well. We had a horrid experience at home in one of those self-styled Hong Kong restaurants where the man ordered the beef brisket curry and it was absolutely shit- full of oil and fats; no tendons or muscles, and the 'brisket' was just a crap cut of meat. The man wanted one of those curry beef brisket rice in Hong Kong where it's done degrees better. Curry, of all things.

Made the mistake of taking the man to 18 Grams at Cannon Street, Causeway Bay, and there had to be a Tsui Wah across the street staring right back at us. I've been here umpteen times and never even noticed it. DAMMIT. The man wasn't going to let it go. He had already came up with an irritating ditty about it and sang it every now and then.

Sat down and looked through the menu. Two items that I didn't mind. That kai lan with ice (they call it 凍芥藍), and soya sauce and wasabi at the side. And the fishball soup thingy. Not quite liking the fish used. More flour than fish, but at least it was a fish-based soup. The cold milk tea that came in an ice bucket was always strong. The man got his Bolognese rice that arrived with a raw egg. So super weird. But okay. At least he satisfied a craving and I didn't have to hear about Tsui Wah anymore.

Eating little at lunch was good. It meant that I could stuff more food later somewhere else. Wheeeeee. But please, not the spam noodles or bun stuff that usually appears at tea. I wanted like...a coleslaw or a potato salad. The man was stuffed to the brim. He finished that entire plate of rice.


kikare said...

I was in town for 11 days and I 1)didn't eat at Tsui Wah, 2)didn't eat curry beef brisket (one of my favourites).
I didn't even have fishballs noodles soup.
Did we visit the same city?

imp said...