Monday, November 04, 2013


Our little hotel offers a modest breakfast. Nothing fancy, but it'll fill the stomachs before lunch. Really not a breakfast person. Bit exhausted this trip; rather sleep in than wake up to eat. After all, I can always grab a bun along the way. Many bakeries. But I will have to eat on the days that are going to be particularly excruciating because lunch is unpredictable, and highly likely to be crap.

There's fruit. Best. Dragonfruit, apples, kiwi, bananas. I ate them all. With milk. And salad. Hard boiled eggs aplenty. Happiness. On certain days, I also try to stuff in porridge. Am already down to like one meal a day. Eating too little in Taipei already. And drinking too much teas. Sleeping too late and waking up too early. A tad light-headed.

The partner loves the yolk of salted duck eggs. Normally, I love egg yolks more than the white. But for salted eggs, the yolk doesn't appeal to me; the white does. So the partner devours the yolks, and I nibble the white. Nothing wasted! Something to go with plain porridge since I'm not a fan of the other condiments of preserved vegetables, pork floss and dunno-what-else-preserved brown and green things.

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