Friday, December 20, 2013

All That Beer of the Pacific Northwest

Don't you know, I'm really here for the beer?

Not exactly joking. Hehhehehe. Not going overboard on the food because I'm counting calories to make space for beer. At the bar the other evening, cringed when I saw people swigging Corona Extra, with a slice of that all familiar lime. EEEEKS. Those were stupid stuff I drank as a teenager! We're in the Pacific Northwest, home to the best craft beers in USA! Seattle doesn't fall behind Portland and San Diego in its offerings.

The beer fest began with that first glass at ANA lounge when flying through Tokyo. That machine gave up one of the best Kirin beer ever with a foamy head so creamy. The bubbles were absolutely refreshing. Just one small glass was fine. Didn't touch alcohol in-flight. It doesn't do anything for me beyond creating a huge headache and inducing nausea.

Restaurants, breweries and all that. Many craft beers on the menu. The man loves IPAs and have been trying as many as possible. Porters, stouts, pale ales, and all. GORGEOUS. During this holiday season, there're many 'winter' bottles that have been infused with spices and bits of cinnamon. Blends and flavors infused in beers, I don't mind so much. Just don't like them in coffee, tea and whisky. Interesting enough, but I still preferred beers without the spices. Liking the porters and stouts. Mmm.

160 beers ON TAP at Tap House Grill.

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