Saturday, December 07, 2013

Gloves On Phones

The last round in wintry London, all those 'touch' gloves were simply utilitarian. Quite ugly. But people definitely found it useful and bought. I certainly did. By now, many labels have wised up and trotted out different designs that are easier on the eye. I like gloves in black or brown. It's too much of a headache trying to match gloves to shoes, to bags or coats or whatever. I don't totally live in a city that sees winter. No point buying different colors. Black would do fine, regardless.

I've got really cold fingers and toes, so even if the heavy winter coat is skipped when simply dashing in and out of warm buildings at -2°C, gloves are still needed. I would like them even at 12°C. But I also need to use the phone not just to take photos, but for its GPS and all sorts of notes. Often, it's referring to it on-the-go instead of sitting down in a warm cafe. In winter, it's rather bracing to have to remove gloves to scroll through the phone.

This trip, especially this week with temperatures plunging, I've got 'touch' gloves ready and heat packs in the pockets. It's quite a breeze navigating the streets for hours at a stretch. Yes, walking with phone in hand, occasionally (although I try to minimize that), which is not exactly the best thing to do. The BFF doesn't like me doing that, especially since she last got her phone stolen in Paris. But I walk really fast, and am sensitive to humans getting too close. Often, I avoid humans, and don't hesitate to tell someone to stay away, and if need be, shove them in retaliation. Like what I did to the assholes who tried to snatch my purse three months ago along the crowded streets of Oxford Road. Hate that street. So as of now, I haven't had a huge problem with muggers (without knives), yet.


D said...

These gloves are a must-have in modern lifestyle!
Oh yes, do be careful in Europe. Nowadays they tend to target "Chinese-looking" people as they have probably learnt from experience that Chinese carry lots of cash.

imp said...

Thanks! I'll be watchful!