Thursday, December 05, 2013

Morning Bites

No breakfasts have been organized on this trip, save for scheduled dates with friends or for the man, work meetings. I don't need it. The man needs breakfast, of which he could get a full one at the office, or grab a sandwich from the corner cafe before the transport picks him up.

I've got a couple of sessions of barre and pilates scheduled. But that means I head out to the studio that isn't within the hotel, and would grab a bite after. My stomach doesn't wake up till 11.30am. Anything food items ingested before that should preferably be cold, non-greasy and flat. The only hot item that's permitted, is egg or hash brown. Heh.

However, on work trips, the man has a habit of using the hotel gym and pool facilities, which means he would be hungry after. And the man gets really grouchy when he's hungry, yet refuses to look for food till it's dire. He categorically denies it. But each time his voice adopts that tone, I know so. Rather than have him miffed every morning on this trip, I decided to pre-empt that.

Bought plenty of beautiful fruit and cherry tomatoes, and popped them into the fridge in the room. Not that useless mini-bar not-cold-enough-tiny-cabinet. The hotel learnt that we would need to store items and sent up a separate mini-fridge for us. Lovely. Bought huge tubs of superbly delicious yoghurt from Ellenos too. The Greek yoghurt available in different flavors, is gorgeous. Even the standard plain is so tasty. These would last the man for a bit before he gets a more substantial meal, if desired.

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