Saturday, January 18, 2014

Arrrrr Pirate!

There's something about Pirates this year. The party shops seem to have stocked up on a wide variety of party ware themed pirates or skulls, both cute or menacing. More cute actually, and horrors, they come in pink too. PINK and BLACK. What the. I really prefer the usual black and white. Gender neutral please, and nothing so cutesy. Goodness.

Our friends are pretty cool with pirates, mainly in the form of LEGO. There's nothing romantic about pirates of course. Definitely nothing remotely admirable going by what modern pirates do. It's despicable. But I know not of the hardship today's pirates face at home, if they even have one. Between the devil and the deep blue sea. But you could sort of blame Johnny Depp and Captain Jack Sparrow, and all the legends of the sea. And there's an 'International Talk Like A Pirate Day' on September 19. Ahoy! Anyway. I like the skulls way better.

It was D's birthday. There was a dinner held in her honor. The table isn't the superstitious sort. Well, some of us hide away skulls and skeletons in the cupboard, and I don't mean that metaphorically or figuratively. The man and I got there early and thought of getting a bunch of flowers for the birthday girl. We had a gift planned that didn't involve giving it to her that evening. Walked round the dinner venue at Novena Square and Velocity. All the flowers we saw sucked. Most flower shops offered roses, roses, sunflowers, wilting eustoma and more roses. Boring. Then we gave up and headed to dinner. Never mind, we thought we'd go empty-handed, but give her lots of hugs.

Then, right across from the restaurant, there was a shop selling party ware. THAT WAS IT. BALLOONS. How could I forget about that. The moment the man and I spotted the balloon in the shape of a pirate ship, we instantly knew that would work degrees more fun than a bouquet of flowers. And D would take a balloon over flowers from us any day. :P Grabbed it and hung around the shop to wait for the sweet storekeeper to helium it up.

Happy Birthday, dear D. We love you very much. May all the blessings in the world keep you safe and warm. Drink up, me hearties!


D said...

Balloon AWESOME :)

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