Tuesday, January 07, 2014


Plushies. Seen at a post-Christmas fair.

You know that hand-painted shiny lacquered brass hedgehog ring that everyone seems to like? I'm not sure why hedgehogs are all the rage now. Even in Bangkok. There're all sorts of products of hedgehogs. Probably in part due to IG star 'Darcy The Hedgehog'.

I like that ring, but didn't feel like paying for it at Nana & Bird. It was a whim, not a need. A girlfriend in Singapore loved it and learnt that it would be available at Mary Lou in Bangkok. She knew I wouldn't be hanging out in the malls and stressed that it wasn't the most important thing and only to grab a look if I was in the area. The most convenient location for me to check out this ring was at its outlet on the third floor of the third-most annoying mall in Bangkok- Terminal 21. Had to pop into Labrador to buy spiral notebooks, leather pouches and folios too. Justifiable 30 minutes.

Mary Lou is a lovely shop selling accessories of all sorts at really reasonable prices. They were completely out of stock for hedgehogs and cats on rings, necklaces and earrings. Not bringing it back anytime soon. They had plenty of birds and dogs. BUT, they had foxes. FOXES. All the rage now. Of course we know why. A total spin-off from Ylvis' 2013 ditty. ROTFL.

Anyway, I left Mary Lou without getting anything. Little did I know that the girlfriend I was with decided to buy me a ring with three birds perched on it, and gave it to me the next day at breakfast. She said it was nostalgic. It reminded her of those heavy glass ornamental birds perched on branches that so many of our mothers owned and displayed. It was such a familiar sight when we visited one another's homes in different countries. Such a lovely gesture. Except that I managed to break the ring into three pieces by nightfall. Haizzz. Found superglue. Used it. But I don't dare to wear it anymore. :(


sinlady said...

Small consolation - you managed to have a picture of the ring whole before the tragedy :)

imp said...