Saturday, January 11, 2014

Laem Charoen Seafood Restaurant

Was a bit stunned by this new fancy outlet. The original restaurant in Rayong is way less glitzy. I loved that one. After years, they finally opened a branch in Bangkok. Rather impressive food, considering it's located smack on the third floor of the ridiculously crowded gigantic CentralWorld Mall in an intersection of daily traffic gridlock.

Laem Charoen Seafood's (แหลมเจริญซีฟู้ด) city branch didn't disappoint. The kitchen seemed pretty well-trained. The food was satisfying. Fresh seafood and well cooked. The fish cakes were really good. Liked all the dips that accompanied every dish. What was more important was the company of friends at dinner. We loved having that. The conversation, as usual, was hilarious and thought-stirring. Always fun to hang out.

We've known one another for a long time now. Even the man has taken to them. The issue of partners has always been dicey. But we don't particularly count them into the gatherings. The fact is, the friends and I, we're in touch with one another, but we don't live with one another on a daily basis. We see one another about four times a year. Six, maybe. That's about it. We don't necessarily bring our partners all the time, but if we do, we also hope our partners will play nice for that few times a year. We're extremely fortunate that our partners, surprisingly, got along. Somehow, the dynamics worked out. Yay.

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