Thursday, January 09, 2014

Massages & Foot Rubs

The great thing about Thailand- the massages and foot rubs. In Bangkok, at an average of THB450/hour for a massage, they're still priced very affordably in relation to Singapore's at least S$75/hour. Which only makes me happier to tip the good therapists up to 35%.

That afternoon, we walked into a random massage place along Sukhumvit Road. The man doesn't mind a massage anywhere that doesn't look crummy. I'm a little more prissy about that. Not at all into pedicures or manicures at unknown venues either. At the random little places that aren't the likes of Divana or Lavana, I'll usually take a foot rub which works very satisfactorily. Chances are, they won't try to talk to me about which organ in my body is deteriorating in tandem with painful accupoints. Usually foot rubs in Thailand don't hurt as much as those Chinese types.

In addition to a massage, made the man do a pedicure as well. Watched the therapist like a hawk to make sure she didn't worsen the man's potential issues with ingrown nails. Luckily the therapist knew what she was doing. Then he disappeared upstairs for some bone-cracking. Kept my phone and fully intended to have a shut-eye. But some silly stranger next to me snored. Loudly. Arrrrgh. How to snooze! Checked in with social media to in a bid to ignore the snoring. A good fifteen minutes later, when he seemed to have been woken up by the jangling of my bangles as I rummaged around in the bag for a charger, I didn't feel the least bit sorry. Luckily he left way before the therapist finished one foot. Whewww. Forty winks were finally taken.

However, there's one modest place we do like, of which the friends also hop in now and then, in spite of its flimsy curtain separators (as opposed to solid doors and walls)Siamtouch Massage and Spa (ร้านสยามทัช). Its therapists are certified and so good. It's 20 minutes out of the city centre via a car ride (no train stations nearby). While its therapists speak some English and its menu of services is in English, its signboard on the street is in Thai, so for foreigners, recognize its logo to find the shop; it's on the main street round the corner from the Embassy of Lao PDR. Do call to make reservations before going. At THB400 for a 2-hour session of traditional Thai massage, it's perpetually packed. Please tip generously.

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