Tuesday, January 14, 2014

So Much Warmth In Bangkok

My friends have been the best hosts. They didn't just arrange for dainty butter cookies, huge vases of flowers and a giant tray of fruits to greet us upon arrival in the hotel. They also arranged for additional sets of Jurlique toiletries and Biotherm for us too, rather than the usual hotel provisions of L'Occitane and Thann.

More than that, they took the effort to give us their time and company, and ensured a smooth visit to the city. I was more than touched. They know that I'm familiar with the roads and would be fairly comfortable. The man would simply be too happy to tag along, and would be quite fine. Well, one can't get too lost in central Bangkok especially if you don't totally get out of the Sukhumvit area. Anyway, there's little language barrier to hinder us in getting around to places we want to go. Importantly, by now, we're comfortable enough to drive around the city.

This is also precisely why I rarely tell the friends if I'm in town for a long weekend. Which means not a squeak on social media as well. I tell them after. :P It's just too much trouble for them because they're ridiculously hospitable. But this is a more-than-3-day trip, which involves meeting them for a few meals and theatre performances. So they do know our flight details and rough schedule. They've insisted on letting them make some arrangements, especially when there're planned protests going on in the city and routes need to be charted.

So much love shown to us. Love built from years of friendship and shared experiences, and oddly in sync with one another's lives at this point in time. See you in Singapore next, peeps. Soon! I'm not sure I'd be able to surprise any of you though, but I'll feed you well. :)

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