Saturday, March 01, 2014


There're so many music performances going on this weekend. Different genres catering to different audiences. Spoilt for choice. No prizes for guessing which ones I went to/going to.

It's rather fantabulous for the city to have so many options, considering just a decade ago, we pretty much had nothing exciting except for maybe four times a year. (Air Supply doesn't count, and erm, not Michael Learns to Rock either. Sorry.)

A whole bunch of us headed out to Sentosa to catch English indie rock band Foals. Yannis Philippakis had spent much of 2013 being snarky to other bands and Spotify. But whatever. I haven't had much to disagree or agree with just yet. Nothing to stop me from liking their music. Many of the songs I like were sung in the first half of this show. Think 'Milk & Black Spiders''My Number' and 'Olympic Airways'(See setlist here.) Quite happy with that. Couldn't help jiving. I watched in amusement some dudes head-banging away and arms flailing. Kept a wide berth.

There's been too much alcohol imbibed this week. Tonight's drink coupons were used to purchase water. If we had to use cash, it would be quite ridiculous to pay S$4 for plain cold water that they refused to give me the whole bottle, and instead, poured into a huge plastic cup which didn't even make a full 500ml. That would be Resorts World Sentosa for you. Pffft. Really not my favorite gig venue.

Tonight marked the third time I see Foals. They're still good. But nothing compares to that first-ever Foals show (for me) seen live in London few years ago. That was rather amazing.

March 2014 at The Coliseum, Hard Rock Hotel Singapore.  

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