Tuesday, April 22, 2014

More Black Gold

We're very blessed to have friends (and once in a while, very special neighbors) whose kitchens churn out fabulous dishes and are generous to a fault in sharing their spoils with us. Beautiful treats from so many different types of cuisines. Late Sunday night, it was an unexpected invitation to a merry Easter supper.

The friends made a pot of ayam dan babi buah keluak with complex spices and loads of chillies. The aroma was so enticing. BIG LOVE. I went straight for the nuts. There were so many nuts. There was a generous dollop of bitter black gold solidly packed within each nut. Deliriously happy.

This is a dish that takes a ridiculous amount of effort to prepare. Each time we get to eat buah keluak, we savor each bite like we're never gonna taste it again. Totally touched that the friends thought of us to part-take in the delights of a dish that's worth its weight in gold. Probably more.


tuti said...

even the buah keluak served at some peranakan eateries sux. so you're lucky. ;)

imp said...

you know what peranakan women (who cook) will say, "don't bother eating out, my kitchen is the best." so i try to ingratiate myself with peranakan women who can cook! otherwise i'll never find the flavors of my childhood ever! no more grandmothers to cook for me. :(