Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Smith Street Taps

While I don't mind bottled beer, beer on tap is very welcome. I like craft beers and am happy to try those that fall into my preferred spectrum that starkly swings between on two ends- pale/amber ale or imperial stouts. Finally made a visit to Smith Street Taps. It's just two doors down from its sibling The Good Beer Company. What a great concept. Situated on the second floor of Chinatown Complex in the non-air-conditioned hawker centre, its space right next to the parapet ensures a cool flow of air even on the hottest nights.

It's easy to run into a horde of friends here. On a random evening we popped by, there were so many familiar faces that we haven't seen for some time. All the better to have a chat with over cold beer on tap. Totally liking the casual vibes. It's interesting to sit in posh bars, but I always celebrate drinking holes that bring in hip beers and imperial stouts I like.

The thing is, I can't stay long here. I really don't want to pee in the public toilets where I pay 10 cents to view night terrors. If I'm traveling, then I don't care, I'll make do. But at home, I'm a bit manja about toilets. So any future visit to Smith Street Taps will only last about two hours or three pints, whichever fills the bladder faster.


Unknown said...

Looks like an interesting place, gotta check it out soon. Heh.

And I nearly forgot that our taste preference for beer is the same as that for tea! :D


imp said...

Pretty decent! Loads of zi char stalls around for nibbles if desired.