Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Alki Beach

Elliott Bay and the skyline of downtown Seattle.

Paid loads of attention to the weather forecast and at the first sign of a sunny day, packed up the sports gear and headed out to West Seattle's Alki Beach. There's a Denny monument at the westernmost point of West Seattle that looks out to Puget Sound, called Alki Point. It's the founding point of Seattle where white settlers landed in 1851. I wanted to walk around the area to get a feel of it. After lunch, I ended up walking all the way to Mee-Kwa-Mooks Park.

Rented a pair of inline skates and ran up and down the 3.5-mile strip a few times. Didn't spot any seals though. Saw those controversial palm trees merrily swaying in the breeze and LOL. It was fantastic weather and I couldn't be happier that the skies decided to be kind this week. Was so absorbed by the scenery that I blocked a cyclist and almost made him fall. He was annoyed. Oops. Everyone was outdoors soaking up the sun. A breezy 23°C. The dogs looked happy to be running along the strip too.

Alki Beach is a great spot for a view of downtown Seattle and the surrounding mountains. I wanted hang out to soak up the air and scenery. After being cooped up in conference rooms all week, the man felt the same. If we could be here in summer, it would be awesome. There's always a summer music festival come late August, and the venue is at Alki Beach or at Kenyon Hall. You don't even have to say the word indie. The line-up is always awesome. Great day out at the beach. Love being outdoors and feeling all senses awaken.

A panorama of the Olympic Mountains and the Cascade Range.


fernoftheforest79 said...

The first photo looks like a view I would have looking at Chicago from Evanston. Looks like a place that I would like already. Quiet but not too far from the action. :)

imp said...

It is! But need to drive. Trains and buses are totally unlike what Chicago or Evanston can provide in terms of reach and convenience.