Sunday, May 11, 2014

Seattle Cannabis Freedom March

We stopped and observed the slogans, the chats and well, listened to the music. Couldn't stop staring at a cannabis plant in a pot. It was so beautiful, lush and green. The owner laughed and invited me to touch it. It looked and felt like...the leaves of a tea plant. o_O Well, I'm so Singaporean that it's mind-blowing that these people, including medical marijuana patients are marching to protect their interests, to ensure a range of high quality products would be available for purchase when stores open.

I won't be able to fully understand the arguments and the situation because I don't live WA and I don't know enough of US health and federal drug policies. There's nothing at stake for me. During a discussion, everything is theoretical, because my country has a zero tolerance for drugs, ensuring a fairly sheltered environment for most. I don't even know what to think about smoking weed as a lifelong habit, although I can see the attraction and pragmatic usage of medical marijuana. It's pretty much like one's relationship with alcohol and lifelong dependency on thyroid, diabetes or anti-rejection drugs, isn't it? Like...vitamins.

Fairly sure my Immigrations and Customs Authority won't be amused if I boldly wear a tee emblazoned with some positive slogan about cannabis and stroll through. As it is, a couple of years back, they didn't buy my explanation that the leaf on my tee was a maple leaf. But that tee didn't hold words or slogans; got off unscathed. Still, I'm not entirely convinced that weed is worse than nicotine and cigarettes. Weed doesn't hold the chemicals and carcinogens that cigarettes contain. It's hilarious how Singapore restricts, chokes and constrains where smokers are free to smoke. At this rate, they need to invent smoke dissipators for home use. If cigarettes are so harmful to the human body, when is Singapore banning the sale of cigarettes altogether?

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