Sunday, June 15, 2014

Craving Paru

Yes, I'm not a fan of many meats. But I haven't completely gone off beef. As far as beef is concerned, I like a mean steak. No wagyu or striploin please. But I rarely bother to have that in Singapore. Even fewer places can do it medium, at the pink that I want.

What I've been secretly indulging in, is the sinful paru with sambal belado. Beef lungs. All cholesterol and no nutritional value. Second only to ox tongue in terms of shocking cholesterol levels. Terribly unhealthy. Best. MUAHAHAHAH. I eat them at lunch so that it totally justifies the calories and I'll try to burn them off before or after the meal. :P I highly doubt it works like that. Whatever.

The only two nasi padang stalls I frequent are Sinar Pagi (Boat Quay) and Boon Lay Power Nasi Lemak at the actual Boon Lay outlet. The paru has to sliced up thin and must be tender. Absolutely detest those deep fried sort that taste like shitty beef jerky. Those are un-chewable and completely inedible. Don't like the crispy ones either.

Inexplicable craving- I've been eating paru for days now, every other day, sometimes two in a row. With rice and a fried egg with onions or salted egg. Occasionally with a piece of begedil. Something about this combination that makes it my comfort foods, the dishes I miss most while traveling or if I haven't had it for days. One more week of eating like that, and I should have gotten over the deprivation of sambal belado last month. :P

Dunno what's up with the desire to taste salt and sambal together. Not beef rendang. Don't want the meaty portion. Just the lungs. With a ton of chilli-spices. Mouth-burning intensity please. It's like, my tastebuds are extreme; on one end, it's clean-ish natural flavors of sashimi and sushi, greens and grains; on the other end sit the heavy spices. Probably like my preferences for beer I suppose. No pilsner, witbier or lager thank you. Just pale ale or brown ale, then nothing in the middle and I go straight to porters and stouts.


fernoftheforest79 said...

What's the texture of lung like? I've never tried! But I love tripe, stomach, heart, gizzards of various animals. :D

imp said...

Like leather...? Hehehehe. That's why it's necessary to have it soft. Chewy but edible. I only like it with sambal. Few places do it well though.