Saturday, June 21, 2014

Spicy Suppers

Two nights in a row to Golden Mile Complex's Diandin Leluk for a satisfying supper with two groups of friends. I was all guys flew in from Bangkok and would be heading back to the same city, why bother having Thai food here. But there're so few decent supper options in town, and most of us weren't keen on the other supper venues that were thrown up.

Diandin Leluk's menu is extensive enough for us to not repeat any orders except for favorites and whichever desired vegetables. Loads of spices in the dishes that hit a spot. Also, it's awesome to order food in Thai. Heeeeee. We attended shows instead of having drinks at bars. So didn't mind bits of alcohol. A few brainless bottles of low abv beer shared among the table worked great.

The friends are in Singapore way more often than I'm in Thailand. In fact, they drove- the out-of-towners. But hey, they now know Singapore so well that they don't require a GPS guide to drive around town. They know all the fastest routes too. Hahaha. I don't have to pick them up from anywhere nowadays. They're totally independent. I'll just send them an address and I'll meet them there.


wl said...

sounds like the perfect spot for late night suppers. bookmarked, heehee.

imp said...

definitely! lots of yummy food!