Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Late Night Dinner

[This restaurant has closed as of November 2015.]

If you don't mind the loud volume of human voices, then supper at Fordham & Grand is always fun. I still like a salad or pasta if food is need at midnight or thereabouts. Often, I need more than bar snacks to fill the tummy when I'm really hungry.

Hopped into Fordham & Grand with the girlfriend for a late dinner. Drinks were available too. Perfect. I'm avoiding caffeine till the end of July calm the digestive system, but moderate amounts of alcohol seem fine. Heh. As long as I stick to the usual poisons, the stomach shouldn't be too upset.

I rarely go to cocktail bars unless I know they've a decent selection of whisky. I could do gin, but I'm not interested in trying out permutations of flavors. I don't like floral, sweet or cloying or sour. I could do bitter and standard. Few bars could grasp my gin preferences the way The Spiffy Dapper does. Of course I hang out there enough for them to know what I like. Even so, I like a clean gin and tonic. Nothing fancy, thanks.

The bartender offered a concoction with Cocchi Americano and Angostura bitters. I was really suspicious of the moscato thingy. I don't like dessert wine or anything similar. The final version of this G/T wasn't too bad, but already too sweet by my standards. No way I could do a second glass of it. Decided to stick to a regular G/T. Craft gins, good tonic water. Boring is good. Nothing funny to rile the tummy. Fabulous company for the evening. Red nails. All I ever wanted.

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