Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Pince & Pints

The latest hip joint in town that for once, I'm curious about- Pince and Pints. Forget the mediocre sides of soggy tasteless shoestring fries and sad mesclun salads with average balsamic dressing. Lobsters are the stars here. If you want fresh lobsters, this venue rocks. Decent alcohol selection.

Pince and Pints totally resembles London's Burger & Lobster, right down to presentation of food, not taking reservations and the seriously-long queues for seats. We're still fans of Burger & Lobster. Heh. Happy to have a version of it in Singapore. London's £20 to our S$48 to 600g for one whole lobster or a lobster roll. Works for us. No we didn't queue. At 5pm, there was a table available for a group of six. Got in fresh from a work trip, left the suitcase in the car and joined the friends who had easily gotten seats. We preferred sitting at the counter though. Don't bring big bags. It's a casual diner, not a restaurant, i.e no bag chairs and no space to leave huge totes anywhere except hanging off the back of your chair.

When a venue keeps airflown live lobsters from USA and Canada in pre-adjusted salinity and temperature-regulated tanks in its factory and the kitchen, it makes it easier to control the quality and the taste or texture of the dishes served to the table. It was a short and most acceptable wait for our food. Relieved to see their logistics ironed out. There're only lobsters on the menu. The whole lobster could be grilled or steamed. We like our lobsters steamed. The brioche for the generous S$48 lobster roll was good. The butter-soaked toasted bun was nicely done. Yum. A super satisfying meal. Nobody at the table bothered with its local style chilli lobster and fried mantou tonight. Wouldn't mind trying that next time.

You know what's surprisingly pleasant? Its wait staff. The servers we had- two of them, were situationally aware, warm and absolutely efficient. That's not an easy achievement nowadays. Short of grabbing a live lobster home and making a roll yourself, this is probably the best version of a New England lobster roll we have in town for now. If the queues aren't crazy, I'd stroll by again for a bite.

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