Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Hei Oslo!

Made a snap decision and am finally in this part of the world. A long time ago, I was in Bergen for an intense work trip in summer. Super picturesque. Besides stealing two days out for a kayak trip at Hardangerfjord, nothing else was fun about those two weeks. This trip promises to be lovelier.

For ages, the girlfriend has been urging me to visit Oslo. I ignored her. Oof. So she was in Singapore visiting family, and finally, I followed her home. No better time than now. Plus she offered fast wifi for me to sort out work stuff over email this month. Oh perfect! People speak English. Communication isn't a problem, but reading stuff would be. I'm not going to be able to suddenly speak Norwegian. It's phonetically close enough to English but doesn't correspond. It's kinda tough to pronounce. I don't quite like picking it up in piecemeal phrases. Need an academic approach to understand grammar and syntax, then I can easily wing it. This is going to be exactly like French- something I read and write fluently (my O'level subject lah), but I refuse to speak it because I've an atrocious accent. :P

Rain greeted us upon landing. I hooted with laughter. I didn't bother packing for the trip till a day before departure simply because the weather is now unpredictable. The warm temperatures have been dropping and last I checked, the weather is exactly like what we have in London and Seattle. i.e rain rain rain rain rain rain. Hahahahah. How comforting. I've no problems walking around in the rain. A change of seasons is upon us. I can feel it. The blazing peak of summer has ebbed and there's a new mellow autumn cool in the air.

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