Friday, September 05, 2014

A Proper Seafood Restaurant

Was taken out to Solsiden (literally, Sunny Side) for dinner. I was so pleased to see many choices of fish on the menu. Situated at the harbor, it's got a view of the fjord that's pretty nice. It's frequented by both tourists and locals. I'm told that Solsiden is a seafood restaurant that only opens during summer. Win lor. This year, they were opened from 2 May to 6 September. We caught its last week of operations.

I wonder why not that many restaurants in Oslo put fresh fish fillets on their menu. If there's fish, it's either salmon or haddock. Bit boring. At this proper seafood restaurant, they've got loads of fresh fish. There's the usual huge 'Plateau des Fruits de Mer' which we passed. No one was up for wrestling crabs, crayfish and lobsters. Skipped the salmon. Thought about the turbot. Decided I would take the hake, same family as the haddock and cod, but not as oily. Pan-seared hake with asparagus, mussel risoni and parsley vinaigrette. Lightly browned and so fresh inside. Superbly delicious.

Loved the evening of conversation and laughter. Every day has just been an absolute pleasure. Enjoying the last bits of the long summer days. Had a glass of sauvignon blanc that went so well with the fish and shellfish. Norway has a strict zero-tolerance policy (0.2% BAC; that's just a sip) for drink-driving, even on a Segway. So nobody drove this evening. Happy to have super convenient T-bane stations and lines. When we finished dinner, the sun had set, but twilight was long, making for a pleasant stroll to the train station.

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