Saturday, September 06, 2014

Bacalao, Norwegian style

The bacalao isn't a Norwegian traditional recipe, even though the dish uses klippfisk (dried or salted cod). It's more Spanish and Portuguese than anything. Norway still exports klippfisk though volume has fallen. The Norwegian klippfisk has got five grades. I certainly can't discern those grades just yet. But nowadays, with declining stocks of cod, other white fish is also used too.

There're about a hundred variations of bacalao all over Europe and Mexico. I like it, and really didn't mind having one in Oslo. Randomly picked a bistro and walked in. It was great weather. Naturally, there wasn't anyone seated indoors. Fine. Went back outside. I didn't want to sit outdoors because they don't differentiate between smoking and non-smoking sections. I really don't like smoke being blown into my face when I eat. Found the furthest corner next to a table with a baby. Figured they wouldn't light up. I was so wrong. Both the mother and her friends smoked away with the baby in the pram right next to them. Grrrrr.

There's something about sitting outdoors and having a hearty tomato stew on a cool summer day. I kinda like the salted rehydrated cod. Hehehehe. While I didn't finish all of it, it wasn't terribly difficult to chew. Although while chewing, I wondered why didn't they just use fresh cod. Oh well. With potatoes in the stew and bread on the side. Best. More than enough to fill the tummy. Lunchtime beer. Of course. I wasn't exactly sitting in the sun. It was shaded. It was neither too hot or too early to have a beer. Picked a Ralla Amber Ale by Ægir Bryggeri whose light toffee notes nicely complemented the uh smoke in the bacalao.

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